room-only accommodation.

We host "Yuntaku" sessions.
(potluck party)

Every evening from 19:00, guests staying for the day engage in "Yuntaku" sessions with the owner's family.

For those skilled in cooking, there's a communal kitchen available for use.
Others can purchase prepared meals or takeout, or bring their own food to share with everyone during the evening.

Let's eat together and clean up together.
Then, rise early the next day and head to the sea.
Let's share such moments together.

There are no supermarkets or convenience stores on Sesoko Island.
We recommend completing your shopping before entering the island.

As some guests may prefer to dine elsewhere or spend time in their rooms,
participation in communal activities is optional.

After check-out,
shared facilities including the kitchen cannot be used.


Early check-in is not available,
but we can store your luggage before check-in (requires prior notice).

The use of marine goods and showers after check-out incurs a fee.

Marine GoodsShower Use

Free rental of marine equipment

To ensure guests can fully enjoy Sesoko Island even if they come empty-handed,
snorkeling gear is available for free.

The use of snorkeling gear and showers after check-out incurs a fee.

Free Wi-Fi

Bring your PC and enjoy a workation during your stay.

You can even snorkel during breaks from work.

Room Information

Private Room: For 2 adults

Nightly Rate: 6 tatami mats, 1 room, ¥9,800

Native : Twin Bed

A simple room with white and brass interior, exuding a luxurious atmosphere.

Liberty : Twin Bed

A cool room with navy tones, providing a relaxing space even in the midst of travel.

Oriental : Double Bed

An Asian-inspired room with tatami flooring.
By adding a futon set (¥1,000), it can accommodate families with multiple children.


Nightly Rate: ¥3,800

They are completely separated into female-only and male-only sections,
with guests sleeping in bunk beds (up to 4 guests).

Only the bed space is private.

Please respect each other's manners and privacy.

Shared Facilities

Yuntaku Room, Kids' Space, Kitchen, Toilet, Shower Room
Facilities like washing machines are available for all guests to use.

Please communicate and use these facilities in a way that ensures everyone has a pleasant experience.

Communal Kitchen

Feel free to use condiments and cooking utensils.
Please bring any special spices you may need.

The refrigerator is shared, so please be careful not to mistake others' groceries for your own.


We provide toothbrushes, towels, shampoo, conditioner, and body soap.


If you haven't paid in advance, please settle your payment at check-in using the following methods.

Cash, QR payment, Credit card

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation charges apply as follows.

7 to 2 days
Day beforeDay of


Parking is available on the north side of the building.


Please be quiet in shared spaces and outdoors after 22:00.

Please manage your valuables on your own.

Turn off lights and air conditioning when leaving the room.

Eating and drinking are not allowed in private rooms or dormitories.

Please use the quick course on the washing machine so everyone can use it.

Return rental items and dishes to their original places.

Please park your car correctly.